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There is no better way to develop your photographic skills than with one on one sessions.

Cape Town is home to a variety of landscapes suitable for a range of weather conditions. Let’s be honest, the Mother City has some of the most picturesque scenery South Africa has to offer.

I’ll shoot alongside you and walk you through how to approach a scene and make the most of the raw  natural beauty in front of you.

I’ll take you to some of the most iconic beaches in Camp Town and to some of my favourite locations I’ve encountered in my years exploring this beautiful city.

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On Location:

Camps Bay tidal pool sunset, 2020

Cost: R1,500*

Join me as I show you some of my favourite parts of the Mother City.

Here we can work on-the-ground and focus on developing skills as a photographer. I can cater the lessons to suit your skill level whether its tightening up composition and technical skills or bringing new ideas and challenging you to find your own photographic voice.

My sessions are based on-location lasting 2 to 3 hours, typically during the golden hours (sunrise or sunset).

(Bring a second person for an extra R500 if they also want to photos).

Send an enquiry through my contact page or else email jaycaboz@gmail.com to book. 

Editing sessions:

Camps Bay tidal pool, 2020

Cost: R1,500*

Good editing can make a good photo a great photo.

I’ll join you for a 2-hour session to talk about streamlining your editing process and bring out the best in  your images.

Your own PC/laptop & editing software is required.

Send an enquiry through my contact page or else email jaycaboz@gmail.com to book. 

The Extras:

Sunset at Blouberg 2020

What you need: You will need to bring your own dslr camera, lenses and tripod. Good hiking shoes, a warm jacket and a bottle of water are also recommended.

Experience level: Your level of experience can range from beginner to advanced. Please let me know what skill level you think you're at and what areas you wish to focus on, and I'll recommend the best experience.

These sessions are always a lot of fun. I want to help others learn and grow as photographers. There is no better way to learn than by doing in-the-field.  

*Shoots are weather and location dependent, and I will need to advise accordingly to get the most out of what mother nature provides for us.

Hiking and other activities required to reach a location are done so at your own risk. 

I am not a hiking guide and cannot vouch for your safety.

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