Aerial view of Antipolis shipwreck washed on shore Cape Town, South Africa

Have you seen the Antipolis shipwreck yet?

Thanks to increased wave and wind activity after a full moon the Antipolis washed ashore in January, after being partially submerged for 44 years.

The Greek Tanker was built in 1959 and sank in July 1977. The ship was to be towed from Greece to the Far East. But, as the convoy approached Table Bay it met strong gale force winds.

The Antipolis’ tow rope broke and the tanker was cast adrift and blown to shore at Oudekraal. It crashed into a reef and became partially submerged. The wreck became a popular shore dive and was quite visible at low tide.

What a really cool piece of Cape Cape Town's history. 

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So how far did the shipwreck move?

Much more than you think.

Back in 2019 I photographed the shipwreck. Never did I imagine I would be diving into the archives to dig up these images again. But I am super grateful I did. Aligning the rocks from these images you can compare the incredible distance the wreck moved thanks to the high surf. 

Comparing the Antipolis from 2019 to 2022.

Untitled photo

Full credit must be given to my wife, Caryn, for thinking of this and doing the comparison. For me. 

Untitled photo

Following the storm it took a very long and agonizing few weeks for the ocean to settle as well as favourable windless conditions to photograph and get clear images of the ocean floor at   slow shutter speeds.

But as they say good things come those who wait. Below you can see my recent images taken on 31 January 2022. 

The images were shot using a DJI 256ND filter,  1 second exposure at f2.8, 100ISO. (For those of you are camera nerds like me and like this sort of information).

Antipolis shipwreck 2022

In 2019, I photographed the shipwreck for the first time. It's staggering to think how powerful the waves must have been in order to move it to it's current position. 

Antipolis shipwreck 2019

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