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Feature on National Geographic

Some cool news. One of my images from a chance encounter with Hermes the caracal made it into a National Geographic article! 

Check out the link below for more about these elusive creatures living on the urban fringes of Cape Town:

This wild African cat has adapted to life in a big city surprisingly well

How I got the image

It’s not every day you get the chance to interrupt a caracal having dinner.

But such was our luck coming down Kloof Corner back in 2020. Making its way down the steep winding path, what we thought was a medium sized dog was, unmistakably, a caracal on his way to a dinner date.

It was at this point that some furious scrambling began.

My wife pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, our friend madly adjusted her headlamp, and I dug into my backpack looking for my camera.

The caracal promptly moved off the pathway to plonk itself on a rock, where it nonchalantly started eating on what looked like a bird, despite its onlooking awestruck audience. Little did we know in front of us was a very infamous ‘showboat’ caracal named Hermes.

His identity revealed to us thanks to a set of blue and green tags found on the back of his ear. 

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